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Central Arkansas Baseball Camps
Central Arkansas Baseball Camps


Becoming a great hitter demands time, effort, and an effective routine each day. Our INTENSE hitting camps are designed for the player who wants to reach his highest potential. Our camp will teach each camper how his body should sequentially unlock to get the most power and contact out of his swing. We will teach each player the best drills to enhance the athleticism he will need to get on the right road to reaching his highest potential. We guarantee that with the information we provide – each player will be able to get on the right road to becoming the best hitter he can be.

Saturdays, December 2nd, 9th, & 16th
Cost: $200 per Session
Junior High Session  |  Grades 7th - 9th 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM REGISTER
Senior High Session  |  Grades 10th - 12th 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM REGISTER

Camp Facilities: The camp will be held at Bear Stadium, home of UCA Baseball, located on the campus of UCA on Bruce Street, near the Farris Center.

What To Bring: Campers must bring their own hat, glove, helmet, bat and suitable baseball attire (baseball pants).

Learn what it takes to become a premier hitter at the collegiate level. Join the University of Central Arkansas at Bear Stadium for our 3 week INTENSE Hitting Camp. We will challenge you to push yourself to new limits that will expose the areas in your offensive game that need the most work. Over this 3 week span, these intense 2 hour sessions will target every area of your game including:

Week 1
→ Develop a Routine to Develop Lower Body Movements / Mechanics to Maximize Bat Speed
→ Learn the Function of the Lead Leg & Heel
→ Learn Rear Leg Drive
→ Learn How to Coil the Hip
Week 2
→ Develop a Routine to Develop Sequential Unlocking of the Swing from the Feet to the Eyes
→ Understand the "Real Separation in the Swing"
Learn the Right Way to get the "Knob to the Ball"
Learn How "Connection" Should Actually Work
Learn to Control the Eyesre-Pitch Tempo
Week 3
→ Develop Timing & Rhythm in your Swing
Learn to Recognize Off-Speed Pitches
Learn Late Time & Early Approaches
Develop a Plan For All Different Types of Pitches
Enhance the Routine to Make Sure You are Developing Bat Speed, Developing Barrel Manipulation & Recognizing Off-Speed Pitches